Welcome to Summit School of Chess

Your home for  Colorado scholastic chess advancement!


Our mission is to not only promote chess but to develop gains in cognitive thinking abilities within our students. We strongly believe that an individual that possesses even a fundamental understanding of chess acquires the lifelong skills that include, but are not limited to, developing logical thinking, planning, evaluating, focusing and problem solving. These achieved skills shape better decision makers and more productive members of society.

Chess encourages you to explore your intuitions in a more in-depth, logical and creative approach translating into life skills. Chess players use their intuition to formulate a list of possibilities and evaluations which allow the player to ultimately chose the best option presented or to create a new option altogether!


“Chessmaster” Jesse lives in Colorado with his son Noah. His passion for teaching kids chess is only the beginning.

Our Mission:

  • Inspire a students self-esteem and confidence both on and off the chess board.
  • Promote students overall health of mind and body.
  • Provide opportunities for student leadership.

My goal is to produce chess champions. I challenge my students to succeed at chess, feel confident on and off the chess board combined with pushing themselves  mentally and physically.



Phone: 720-243-1450 (cell)

Email: jessercohen@gmail.com