Best Online Chess Classes, Best Online Chess Lessons

National Master Jesse Cohen offers the best online chess classes. Jesse combines humor/laughter with interactive learning for a fun experience for children of all ages and skill levels.

Classes are one hour each – 30 minutes of instruction tailored specifically to the needs of the class followed by a mini tournament amongst classmates using the premiere website ChessKid.

Students games are reviewed providing critical feedback for their maximum personal growth but explained in simple and easy to understand terms – a key ingredient to success.

Many coaches try to explain high level concepts in a high level sophisticated way. A good coach understands each student well as is able to relate complex knowledge effectively by comparing it to ideas the student already understands even if it’s not chess related.

For example, If we know a student particularly loves football we will make football comparisons when explaining concepts. Students are provided access to the best online resources complimentary as part of being in our classes.