Jacob Pierce

"Discovering Jesse Cohen's chess lessons has been a pivotal moment in my journey as a chess enthusiast. Jesse has a unique talent for breaking down Jeremy Silman's complex strategies into understandable and actionable insights. His engaging teaching style not only demystifies advanced concepts but also makes learning incredibly enjoyable and deeply enriching. Thanks to Jesse, I've gained a newfound appreciation for the nuances of chess, and I feel more equipped to tackle the game's challenges with confidence. For anyone looking to elevate their understanding of chess, Jesse's lessons are an invaluable resource."

Alex R.

"My son has historically struggled with social interaction, opting into activities with other kids, etc. to see him wanting to do this, interacting and shaking hands, saying "good game", and then how proud he was of his second place finish, and how much he applauded every single other trophy winner, was absolutely incredible. it was a huge step forward for him and he's literally on cloud 9. I can't thank you enough for what you do. I can't tell you how this single day made such a difference in his life, so, THANK YOU! I look forward to coming to another tournament soon!"


We have so enjoyed Chess Club!! The Sadowski’s are going to take a little break. Thank you so much for teaching him (and Sloan)! We love to play together thanks to you! Check😊


“Jesse is an awesome coach. He makes chess interesting & fun! He is great with kids & bonds with them easily. He provides a lot of practice material for kids to boost up and teaches them various strategies and tactics. Chess tournaments arranged by Summit School of Chess are linked to USCF & help get USCF ratings. Highly recommend Summit School of Chess!”

Aaron Lucas

(Re: Online Tournaments) “I am very impressed with you and your co-director. You’re like sports announcers all day long. Simply amazing.

Yelena Rabinovich

“Gary had many great things to say about your camp. He really enjoyed your camp, he felt he really learned a lot, and, most importantly, I noticed his increased interest in improving his game after you camp like never before (or after for that matter). I would actually say he achieved his peak interest in chess after attending your camp.”

John Migliaccio

“I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for all you are doing for the chess groups and tournaments. Saturday’s tournament was very well done and well-run.”

Joe Fromme

“I have been involved in Colorado chess in one way or another for over 40 years. Only a special few contribute in an original, refreshing, and fundamentally creative style. One of those few is National Master Jesse Cohen. Jesse is not only a brilliant teacher of chess to children but also a fine human being. His Summit School of Chess is a unique example of what real quality instruction in Colorado should be.”

Holly Stoleson

“Will really enjoys Chess Club!”

Irie Weaver

“Jesse, you are such a positive influence on chess and young chess players – thank you!”


“My son is Kellen, 4th grader. I just wanted to say thank you! He has been so excited about chess since the first class and has been showing us everything he had learned. I haven’t seen him this excited about anything, especially something not related to football!”

Wynn Walent

“My son is Kellen, 4th grader. I just wanted to say thank you! He has been so excited about chess since the first class and has been showing us everything he had learned. I haven’t seen him this excited about anything, especially something not related to football!”

Lori Komon

“Thanks so much for everything you have done this year. I think it has really helped Stevie with his self-confidence and his math skills.”

Brandi Collins

“Jesse is a brilliant young man with energy. As he teaches my daughters Chess, he comes across with confidence, explains the game at their level…”

Kathryn Clay Morkunas

“As a teaching mother of a large family, I recognize good instruction when I see it! I have had the delight of observing Mr. Cohen teach some of my children Chess in my home on several occasions. All of them (ages 17, 14, 12, 10) were captivated by his instruction, clarity and enthusiasm! (As were, I must add, my husband and myself.) Mr. Cohen is skilled in ‘demystifying’ the game of Chess, presenting complex ideas in a coherent manner with a love of the game that is most infectious…Moreover, and in my opinion more importantly, Mr. Cohen is an estimable young man of good character who is caring, sensitive and trustworthy. In the teaching of Chess I would be hard pressed to find another person who qualifies as well on so many counts.”

Karl Hirschmann

“In addition to being an accomplished chess player, Jesse Cohen is an effective teacher of the game. This summer, Jesse has tutored my children, Anna and Erik, in weekly sessions at Colorado Mills. He is great with kids as he treats them with respect. He asks questions, forcing them to think and consider multiple possibilities. He explains complex concepts in ways that allow the kids to quickly grasp and use them in their next game. He patiently answers their questions and reviews information before moving on to the next topic. He emphasizes sportsmanship and the children have learned to win and lose gracefully. Anna and Erik’s chess skills have shown great improvement this summer. In addition, they are beginning to apply lessons that they have learned from chess to their daily lives. Their problem solving has improved as they take more time to think about potential outcomes before they act.”

Greg Aigner

“Jesse was always on time and treated the students and their parents in a very professional and courteous manner…my son learned a lot from Jesse. I would highly recommend Jesse as a chess coach or instructor.”

Jarilyn Hejmanowski

“Thanks for all you do and for making chess club such a great experience!”

Kim Brooker

” I want to let you know that you have taught Michael and Matthew much more than the skills of chess. Focus, patience and confidence are just a few of the many gifts you have taught them and encourage them to have.”

Shivani Jain

“You have contributed in Akshat’s growth in chess in a big way and we are very grateful to you for that.”