State Champions

2024 State Champions:

Grayson Manuel
Scholastic Closed State Champion!!

2024 State Champions:

K-3 All Girls State Champion
Ella Wikiel

Ricks Center 1st Place Team Champions featuring student James Corbett

2024 State Champions:

K-5 Champion Team – Ricks Center
(James Corbett – 2nd from right)

Sarvesh and Darshan CSCA K-8 Champions

2024 State Champions:

K-8 Champion Team – STEM School
(Sarvesh Rajesh – on right {also taking 5th place individually})

2023 State Champions :

K-8 Champion Team 
(Sarvesh Rajesh {on the left})

2023 State Champions :

K-8 Co-champion
Amitai Sebba

2022 State Champions:

Campus Middle School
1st Place K-8 School Team!!
(Sarvesh Rajesh left, Ari Meltzer middle)

2021 State Champions:

Grayson Wingfield –
K-12 (U1000) State Champion!

2020 State Champions:

Cayden Hetzel
K-5 State Champion!

2019 State Champions:

Om Thakekar
K-1 Champion!

Harshini Muthuraman
8th Grade Girls Champion!

Tanishka Tagare
6th Grade Girls Champion !

Kira Gray
4th Grade Girls Champion!

2018 State Champions:

Sullivan McConnell wins clear 1st place with 5.5/6 points!!

Michigan Elementary Team State Champions
(Ethan Lyu is on the left)

2017 State Champions:

Kevin Yunfeng Bu ties for co-champion with 5/6 points!

Graham Himango ties for co-champion with 5/6 points!

Griffin Thomas McConnell ties for co-champion with 5/6 points!

2015 State Champions:

2015 Colorado Scholastic Closed Co-Champion Andy Wu!
(seen pictured below on the left)

1st Place K-3 Sullivan McConnell
(Sullivan is on the right.)

1st Place (co-champion) K-6 Andrew Lin
(Andrew is on the right.)