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Online courses for youth of all ages and skill levels. Sign up once a week or purchase a monthly pass to attend as many classes as you’d like. The Summit School of Chess stresses player effort and attitude, over immediate results. We foster a love of the game of chess, while encouraging students to believe in themselves. If you want online chess coaching then Jesse Cohen is one of the best online chess coach or mentor.

Classes are led by US National Chess Master Jesse Cohen and conducted via Zoom.

If you are not satisfied with the first lesson, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

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March 2020 – Schools could no longer safely host our chess programs. A choice had to be made. We decided the show must go on! Our online group classes via Zoom have made the best of a tough situation – and we couldn’t be more proud! 

Students of all ages, around the country and the world, have joined with us to take their chess passion and skills to the next level.

Our students have continued to laugh, learn and engage their chess skills daily. Students who would have otherwise never had access to our in-person lead classes are attending and growing! This really has become something quite special.

So…naturally, it has us thinking… How SHOULD we continue? The world wants to get back on trackback to “normal”. But, we believe there should be a new normal. Our highly engaging and successful online group classes will continue indefinitely and we will find a way to balance this with our in-person learning (which will hopefully resume in full force come the beginning of this next school year).

So, rest assured, we are going nowhere. Whether you live in Colorado, India, or anywhere in between, you can find a home in Summit School of Chess online group classes.

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Chess Lessons for Beginners: Master the Game with Online Training by National Chess Master Jesse Cohen

Chess, often referred to as the “game of kings,” has captivated minds for centuries with its strategic depth and intellectual challenges. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have dabbled in chess before, mastering this game requires dedication, practice, and the guidance of an experienced mentor. In today’s digital age, online chess training offers a convenient and effective way to learn and improve your skills. In this blog, we will explore valuable chess lessons for beginners and highlight the online chess training provided by National Chess Master Jesse Cohen.

Lesson 1: Understanding the Basics
Chess may appear complex at first, but it is essential to grasp the basics before diving into more advanced strategies. Learn the movement and value of each piece, familiarize yourself with the chessboard, and understand the concept of checkmate. Online resources and tutorials can help you gain a solid foundation, and Jesse Cohen’s training program is an excellent option for beginners.

Lesson 2: Developing Tactical Awareness
Chess is a game of tactics, and understanding and recognizing tactical opportunities is crucial. Learn about various tactics such as forks, pins, skewers, and discovered attacks. Practice solving tactical puzzles to sharpen your ability to spot winning moves. Jesse Cohen’s online training emphasizes tactical awareness and provides exercises and guidance to enhance your tactical skills.

Lesson 3: Strategy and Planning
Chess is not just about making moves; it involves creating a long-term plan and executing it effectively. Understand the principles of strategic play, such as controlling the center, developing your pieces harmoniously, and pawn structure. Learn about common strategic concepts like open files, weak squares, and piece coordination. Jesse Cohen’s training program covers these strategic elements, helping beginners develop a solid foundation for their chess game.

Lesson 4: Opening Principles
The opening phase sets the stage for the entire game. Familiarize yourself with fundamental opening principles like controlling the center, developing your pieces, and ensuring king safety. Study common opening systems, such as the Italian Game, the Ruy Lopez, or the Sicilian Defense. Jesse Cohen’s training includes comprehensive opening repertoire recommendations and analysis to guide beginners in making sound opening choices.

Lesson 5: Endgame Mastery
The endgame is where precision and knowledge become vital. Learn essential endgame concepts like king and pawn endings, basic checkmating patterns, and the opposition. Study classic endgame positions and practice converting advantages into wins. Jesse Cohen’s online training provides specialized endgame lessons to help beginners improve their endgame understanding and technique.

Online Chess Training with National Chess Master Jesse Cohen:
National Chess Master Jesse Cohen is a highly experienced and accomplished chess player who has dedicated himself to teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. His online chess training program is tailored for beginners, offering a structured curriculum, personalized guidance, and interactive lessons.

Jesse Cohen’s training program includes video lessons, interactive puzzles, and annotated game analysis. You will learn from real-world examples and have the opportunity to practice your skills through puzzles and exercises. Additionally, Jesse provides personalized feedback and support, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Learning chess as a beginner can be a challenging but rewarding journey. With the advent of online chess training, aspiring players can access expert guidance and resources from the comfort of their homes. National Chess Master Jesse Cohen’s online training program offers a comprehensive curriculum for beginners, covering everything from the basics to advanced strategies. By following his lessons and practicing regularly, you can develop a solid foundation and improve your chess skills. So, embark on this exciting journey and unlock the secrets of the game of kings with the help of online chess training and Jesse Cohen’s expertise.