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Summit School of Chess is proud to introduce our brand new “Find a Coach” page. Here you will find the finest hand-selected coaches in the state of Colorado and beyond. All of our chess coaches have been thoroughly vetted for the highest quality. We don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of our coaches. We believe it is essential that students find a coach that is both highly qualified and a great fit, personality-wise, for them. The importance of the student-coach bond and relationship cannot be understated. Please feel free to try out different chess tutors online / chess teacher online/ chess coaches online until you find the one that best fits your needs.

***Please note hourly times do NOT include travel. Coaches may travel but will charge hourly rate for commute times.***

Jeffrey A. Baffo
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Zak B


To introduce the wonderful mind-building, boredom-busting game of chess to any and all beginners. To help established Chess players reach their full potential

Born 1957. US Air Force 1976-1996. Married to “my only sweetie”, Betty 1979. Two fantastic sons; Brandon and Joshua.

Learnt Chess:
Circa 1968 (age 11) from my best friend. We had gone thru every game in his house.Chess was the only one I didn’t think was boring. Fully “captured” by the game during the “Fischer Boom” while Bobby was making his run for the World Championship. I was so into it, I even kept a Bobby Fischer scrapbook!

1st tournament:
1971 = Forty + years of tournament experience.

Playing and coaching highlights
• Wichita Falls city champion, circa 1979
• First place, Arkansas Class Championships (Open Division) 1984
• Champion, Rock City Open (Class A) 1984
• Tournament Director USAREUR V Corps Championship 1987
• Hahn Air Base Champion 1987
• Silver medal, Continental (US Military) Sports Conference 1987
• “VerinMeisterSchaft” Champion, 1987
• “BlitzTurnier” Champion, Germany, 1987
• Boulder Open, 1st place (tie) U2000 section
• Former top 50 in USA for Correspondence Chess
• Editor, Colorado Chess Informant, 2002-2004
• Champion, Edward Levy Memorial (U1800 section) 2003
• Colorado Grand Prix (class A) champion, 2001 & 2002
• Inventor, Chess Tools checklists 1998
• President, Aurora Chess club, many years, 1996-??/
• USCF certified Advanced Chess Coach
• Peak OTB rating 2033
• Instructor, many years Rocky Mountain Chess Camp
• Coaching since 1991
• Passing background checks since 1976
• Champion, 2016 Colorado Open (U2000)

I have had the privilege of sharing with students my knowledge and joy of chess for over 25 years, certifying at least 390 in the FUN-damental basics & beyond, including training other chess tutors in conducting their programs. I also can connect students to tournament action, if desired.

My main strengths are getting players ( 0-1200 USCF strength ) evaluated and on a path to increase their strength at least 100 points in 100 days, thru a process of play and instruction – both structured and ad hoc, with cowboy culture illustrations when appropriate, and some chess history to give faces to the game.

Some playing bite yet to go along with my coaching bark.
I finished 1st with perfect score in  2019 at the Fort Lupton G/10 Quad Rapid.

Private ( semi-private ? ) lessons seem to work best either in pairs or quads of students of approximate parity, of 60 to 90 minutes, depending on concentration levels.

Since I live in the Brighton area, meeting somewhere in between our domiciles is preferred and it happens many students like lessons where food is an option, either during, before, or after learning.

“a fuller 2 page .pdf  bio is available upon request”.

I started playing chess at my elementary school when I was seven. After a few years I began to go to chess tournaments and started to become very good for my age. I had found a love of chess. Over the next several years I studied chess and took it very seriously. When I was 16, I won the South Carolina Scholastic Chess tournament – an absolutely unforgettable moment. For a time, I was the best player under the age of 18 in South Carolina.

A good coach is so important to develop as a player. I had the benefit of a coach when I was learning chess and know it was invaluable. I want to share my passion for chess with others and together, unravel this beautifully complex game.

Teaching beginners and experienced players up to 1400 rating.

Peak rating of 2020. I was the 2010 Colorado Correspondence Chess Champion. I am still an active player and play at the DCC every Tuesday evening as well as the occasional weekend tournament.  I have taught/coached chess to both adults and children on an informal basis over the years and have always enjoyed it.

I’ve been playing chess since about the age of three. My first tournament was at 6, and I won the K-3 state championship at 7. Some of my best childhood memories were spent at tournaments, and learning chess from my various teachers. Now, 20-some years later, I have had the privilege to teach many of my own students. I have taught in elementary schools and middle schools in the Fort Collins area (I am now located in Longmont) as well as tutored several private students who have gone on to be successful in their local tournaments. I am delighted to be teaching again in my local area, and will be accepting private students at any skill level.

I am a musician and small business owner but chess is one of my greatest passions. I have been playing since 14 but haven’t been really competitive since the last couple years. I have an online rating that hovers around 1850 – 1900 but haven’t played enough rated over the board matches to have a legit OTB rating and aim to change that. I teach music for a living working with kids and adults and have been teaching chess for a little under a year now and absolutely love it. Teaching is my favorite way to learn and grow while helping others do the same. I would be a great choice for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player though if you’re an advanced player Summit has some fantastic higher level coaches that may be a better option