1st Day of the 2022 Colorado Scholastic State Championship!

1st day of the 2022 Colorado Scholastic State Championship.

212 participants (a bit below our typical 240-250+ range but it’s just coming back after the pandemic).

The situation is a bit strange because local statutes regarding mask-wearing have changed dramatically recently in Colorado especially regarding kids in schools (where mask-wearing is essentially gone outside of those kids who still choose to). A lot of the families are choosing to mask, as am I, so hopefully, we’ll see what happens! The good news is that we have kids divided into enough spaced-out pods that I feel confident we’ll be incident-free. I’m the tournament director of a huge K-8 division.

It’s inspiring to watch the fearless chess some of these kids play – putting everything on the line, holding nothing back. It’s a pretty crazy and exciting time. Crazy to see so many new chess players, unrated, playing in a state championship as their first event. Amazing to see all the interesting chess and results due to so many players’ ratings no longer accurately representing their strength from pre-pandemic.

This really is one of my favorite times of the year. I love seeing how far all the students have come, all the familiar faces, catching up on all the fun adventures we’ve had in the last year and so much more.

 The ONLY negative thing I can say is that two of the three food trucks bailed on us. I was SO looking forward to #chueyfu showing up… oh well! 

Took over 15k steps today. 

I think it’s time for a bath.

Until next time my friends,



Day 2: Our students from Campus Middle School took 1st place in the K-8 division making them the newest middle school state champions!!

Check out all the results!

We’re taking on well-qualified chess coaches!

Attention Chess Coaches:

For the first time, I’ll be taking on a limited number of chess coaches under the Summit School of Chess umbrella.

Clients will be able to see your calendar availability, book, and pay for lessons directly through the website.

The ideal candidate is a highly qualified and professional individual that can provide strong references. Candidates will be observed prior to being offered a position.

Pros: Gain more exposure and business as a chess coach. I advertise and produce content regularly. Brand name recognition.

Cons: We take a small fee and you sign a paper saying you won’t take any clients from the company (a limited non-compete).

Still interested?


You can email at jessercohen@gmail.com

Princess Gambit REVEALED – a chess short film

Who lurks under the cloaked hood? In a world where conflict is settled on the chessboard, and opposing pawns are sacrificed to save the crown, who will emerge victoriously?

Join chess master Jesse Cohen and director Bruce Tetsuya in a brief, poignant exploration of this game of skill, as The Princess Gambit is revealed!

This short film is dedicated to everyone, young and old, with a love for chess.

We are grateful to Tanishka and the Tagare family for their support. And we welcome YOU – creators, dreamers, editors, and producers – to collaborate with us on our next chess endeavor.

You can watch it here! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qh8w-ZWW60

Summit School of Chess Tournament #3 – Chessgiving!

The Thanksgiving break tournament was another huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to support Colorado chess! We had 65 participants, with special guest National Master Richard Shtivelband playing in the open section and $392 in cash prizes. I couldn’t ask for a better venue than the Denver Marriott West in Golden, CO! The club t-shirts finally arrived and everyone had a great time. Our next tournament is just around the corner on December 8th. Don’t forget to sign up and I look forward to see you all there!!

Summit School of Chess Tournament Series 2018-2019 #1 Huge Success!

Our first chess tournament at the Marriott Denver West had 53 participants. We awarded 32 trophies , 3 touch sensor LED clocks were given out through “clocks for kids” from CAM Investor Solutions and $196 in prizes for the Open section. Kids and parents alike had an amazing time. Summit School of Chess is setting the bar for scholastic chess tournaments and coaching. Please enjoy this photo gallery of some of the exciting moments.