Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Summit School of Chess’ online classes! We use Zoom, an online video conferencing service.

We need to remind parents, guardians and participants that all chess students will be on a live video conference that may be recorded. Please review the following guidelines so that we can maintain a safe experience for all.

  1. We will send you a link to join the class. You do NOT need to set up a Zoom account or provide any information, aside from the student’s first name and last name initial. For any other questions about Zoom, please refer to their website at Zoom.us.
  2. Chess classes are live and interactive. Please try to ensure that students are in a quiet place, and that minors are monitored by a parent or guardian. Please remember that anything within the camera viewing area will be visible to other participants. Similarly, when the participants microphone is unmuted (by the session leader or the participant) any sounds captured by the computer’s microphone may be heard by other participants in the class.
  3. You may see online media that contains references, ads or links to materials from third parties. The Summit School of Chess is not associated with these advertisements or the related parties.
  4. Please ensure that conduct during all sessions is appropriate. All participants, guardians and observers must comply with Colorado’s code of conduct.
  5. Images, audio and video from online Zoom classes may be used the Summit School of Chess for educational, marketing and promotional purposes. Participants in these recordings do not receive monetary compensation.
  6. The Summit School of Chess or its agents shall not be held liable for any claim, demand, injury, expense, damage, action or cause of action, arising out of or connected with the services or facilities of these programmes, including those arising from acts of active or passive negligence.
  7. By registering for an online course with the Summit School of Chess, and providing your signature, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and voluntarily accept these Terms and Conditions.