Toronto Chess Extravaganza in Jeopardy: Visa Issues Spark Outrage

Sixteen of the top chess players in the world have qualified for the Candidates Tournament 2024 in Toronto to determine who will play for the World Chess Championship. Along with coaches, officials and family members, more than 40 people are still without visas.

Steve Russell/Toronto Star file photo

In the heart of Toronto Chess, anticipation is building for the world’s most prestigious chess tournament, the Candidates Tournament 2024. However, amidst the excitement, a cloud of uncertainty looms over the event. Visa issues have left more than 40 key participants stranded in bureaucratic limbo, threatening to derail the tournament’s success and leaving organizers scrambling for solutions.

Visa Woes Threaten Tournament Integrity:
The Candidates Tournament 2024, set to take place in Toronto for the first time, is on the brink of cancellation due to the failure to issue visas to essential players, coaches, officials, and their families. Despite urgent appeals and months of waiting, only two visas have been approved, leaving the fate of the tournament hanging by a thread.

Organizers’ Frustration Mounts:
Vladimir Drkulec, president of the Chess Federation of Canada, expresses mounting frustration over the visa debacle. The delay in processing visa applications, some of which have been pending for over four months, has created a logistical nightmare for organizers. The inability to apply for visas until players officially qualified for the tournament exacerbated the issue, leaving organizers with little time to navigate bureaucratic hurdles.

Global Appeal for Action:
The International Chess Federation (FIDE) issued a urgent plea to Canadian authorities via social media, highlighting the grave concerns surrounding the timely arrival of players. With the tournament just weeks away, officials must swiftly and successfully issue visas. This will ensure the integrity and success of the event, which is poised to captivate millions of spectators worldwide.

Contingency Plans in Motion:
Despite efforts to resolve the visa crisis, plans are already underway to relocate the tournament to Spain if the visas fail to materialize in time. Drkulec acknowledges the potential backlash and disappointment that such a decision would entail, underscoring the missed opportunity for Toronto to showcase its organizational prowess and hospitality on the international stage.

A Race Against Time:
As the countdown to the tournament continues, stakeholders anxiously await a resolution. The spotlight remains firmly on Canadian authorities to expedite visa processing and salvage the prestigious event. Chess enthusiasts worldwide embody the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. They demand a swift resolution of the visa crisis to ensure that bureaucratic obstacles do not overshadow Toronto’s moment to shine as a global chess hub.

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Enhancing Mental Health Through Chess: Expert Advice

Mental Health Through Chess: Chess is a demanding game, both mentally and physically. It requires focus, concentration, and the ability to think several moves ahead. Consequently, chess players can experience a lot of pressure, both during games and in their personal lives.

This article explores the mental health of chess champions, looking at the careers of Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen. Each of these players has a different approach to mental health, and their stories offer valuable lessons for anyone who wants to improve their mental well-being.

Bobby Fischer: The Perils of Isolation

Bobby Fischer at the chessboard.

Bobby Fischer was a brilliant chess player, but he also struggled with mental health issues. His story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of neglecting your mental health. Indeed, Fischer’s isolation and perfectionism ultimately led to his downfall.

Garry Kasparov: Finding Strength in Activism

Garry Kasparov giving speech "Trump White House 'Threatening The Very Foundation Of This Republic,' Garry Kasparov Says | Here & Now"

Garry Kasparov is another chess champion who has spoken openly about mental health. Kasparov used the skills he learned playing chess to cope with the challenges of his political activism. Moreover, his story shows that mental toughness can be applied to all areas of life.

Magnus Carlsen: The Importance of a Balanced Life

A photo of Magnus Carlsen relaxing outdoors, perhaps playing a different game or enjoying a hobby. He should look calm and content.

Magnus Carlsen is the current world chess champion. He is known for his calm and collected demeanor, both on and off the chessboard. Carlsen’s approach to mental health is all about balance. Importantly, he makes time for his hobbies and interests, which helps him to stay relaxed and focused.

Key Takeaways for Improved Mental Well-Being

A photo of a chessboard with pieces set up for a new game, inviting the reader to learn more about chess and mental health.

The stories of Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen offer valuable lessons for anyone who wants to improve their mental health. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Prioritize your mental health. It is just as important as your physical health.
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms. Exercise, relaxation techniques, and spending time with loved ones can all be helpful.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. There is no shame in asking for help.

In conclusion, by taking care of your mental health, you can improve your chess game and your overall well-being.

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Summit School Of Chess, Building On The Exciting Energy Of The ChessKid National Festival

The packed playing hall. Photo: Martin Collette/ChessKid.

The 1st-ever ChessKid National Festival sounds like THE DREAM for young chess players. Over-the-top fun, celebrity sightings, and serious competition – it brings online chess excitement to life!

Imagine the thrill of meeting your chess heroes, playing in epic tournaments, and even trying out wacky events like Chess Fencing! At Summit School of Chess, we make events like this a reality for Denver-area students.

Alexandra Botez grabs a photo with a fan.

Why Summit School of Chess Delivers the ChessKid Experience

While we may not have a Super Soaker Challenge (yet!), we share the same passion the ChessKid Festival inspires:

  • Chess is FUN: We ditch the boring lectures! Our lessons, camps, and tournaments make chess a thrilling adventure.
  • Building a Community: Chess isn’t just about the board; it’s about connecting with other passionate kids and inspiring coaches.
  • Star Power: We tap into the energy of online chess celebrities and bring in special guests to make our events memorable.
  • Denver’s Chess Destination: We’re the go-to for school programs, online lessons, tournaments, and camps across the Greater Denver Area and Colorado Springs.
Canty, along with several of the other stars, gave a simultaneous exhibition on day one. Photo: Martin Collette/ChessKid.

What Can Your Child Expect at Summit School of Chess?

Whether your child is a total beginner or ready to take on the next challenge, we have their back:

  • Intro to the Game: Our beginners’ classes make the rules of chess easy to grasp and get kids playing with confidence right away.
  • Competitive Edge: Our coaches understand the ins and outs of tournament chess, and we get students ready to shine.
  • Chess Friends for Life: We foster a supportive team spirit where kids cheer each other on and form lasting friendships.
No boys! Photo: Martin Collette/ChessKid.

From the Classroom to Tournament Hall – We’re Here to Guide You

Not sure where your child fits in? Reach out to National Master Jesse Cohen and let’s talk! We’ll help you find the perfect chess path to fuel their excitement.

Visit our website or contact us today!

Our Summer Chess Camp 2024 is coming up!!

We have daily Online Group Lessons for all players of all skill levels!

Our Monthly Chess Tournaments are great for testing your skills!

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History Made: 8-Year-Old Prodigy is Youngest-Ever to Beat Chess Grandmaster

Unlock Your Chess Potential: Denver’s Premier Chess School

Ashwath Kaushik became the youngest player to beat a chess grandmaster during a classical tournament. Carleton Lim/Singapore Chess Federation

Absolutely! Here’s the revised blog post incorporating your feedback for enhanced SEO:

Title: Unlock Your Chess Potential: Denver’s Premier Chess School


Chess is surging in popularity, and if you’re in the Denver, Colorado area, there’s no better place to ignite your passion for the game than Summit School of Chess. Whether you’re dreaming of taking down grandmasters or just want to experience the joy and mental benefits of chess, we’re here to help you reach your goals.

Header 1: Why Summit School of Chess is Denver’s Best Choice

Here’s why we stand out amongst Denver chess lessons:

  • Experienced, Expert Coaches: Our instructors are not only skilled chess players but also passionate about teaching. They tailor lessons to suit your skill level, from absolute beginners to seasoned players.
  • Proven Programs and Curriculum: Learn from a tested curriculum that covers tactics, strategies, openings, endgames, and more. Build a solid foundation and continuously improve.
  • Fun and Engaging Learning: We make chess learning a joy. Our classes and camps blend instruction with exciting activities and games.
  • Flexible Options: We offer in-person and online lessons, school programs, camps, and tournaments… something for every chess enthusiast in the Denver area!

Header 2: Denver Chess Programs for Kids and Adults

We’re here to guide you on your chess path from Denver, whatever your age or goal:

  • Chess Camps: Immerse yourself in chess during our fun-filled summer and school-break camps. Make friends and advance your skill quickly. Discover more on our chess camps page.
  • School Chess Programs: Bring the power of chess to your school! Our school programs develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun environment. Learn about bringing chess to your school.
  • Tournaments: Experience the thrill of competition with our regular tournaments for all levels. Check out our upcoming chess tournaments.
  • Private Lessons: Get personalized instruction, accelerate your skill development, and work on your specific playing style and weaknesses. Find out more about our private chess lessons.

Header 3: Chess: More Than Just a Game

Chess’s benefits go beyond the board:

  • Boosts cognitive skills: Research shows chess improves memory, concentration, planning, and strategic thinking.
  • Enhances academic performance: The skills chess develops translate directly to better grades and problem-solving in school.
  • Fosters a love of learning: Chess makes learning fun and encourages kids to explore new ideas.

Call to Action

Don’t wait – unleash your chess potential with Summit School of Chess in the Denver area. Visit our website to explore our programs and schedule a free introductory lesson. Let the games begin!

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Master Your Chess Game: Denver’s Proven Path to Chess Victory

Take your chess skills to the next level with expert instruction from Summit School of Chess's experienced coaches.

Chess players of all ages and skill levels in Denver, Colorado – are you ready to take your game to new heights? Summit School of Chess is your destination for top-notch instruction, exciting events, and a vibrant chess community. We’re here to make your chess dreams come true!

Chess Programs Tailored to Denver’s Chess Enthusiasts

It’s all about choice with Summit School of Chess. We offer a wide range of options to fit your chess ambitions in the Denver area:

  • School Chess Programs: Energize your school with our engaging chess classes and clubs.
  • Chess Tournaments: Compete in thrilling local and national tournaments around Denver.
  • Summer Chess Camps: Immerse yourself in chess and make new friends at our action-packed summer camps.
  • Online Group Lessons Connect with like-minded players and learn from anywhere.
  • In-Person and Online Private Lessons: Boost your skills rapidly with one-on-one instruction from Denver’s finest chess coaches.
  • Community Chess Programs: Discover or rediscover chess – we bring events to libraries, community centers, and more across the Denver metro area.

Summit School of Chess: Your Denver Chess Advantage

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced coaches who love sharing their chess knowledge.
  • Effective Teaching Methods: Our structured curriculum makes learning enjoyable and ensures your progress.
  • Chess is Fun! Strategy is important, but we make sure you have a blast along the way.

Ignite Your Chess Passion in Denver

Ready to become the best chess player you can be? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned competitor, Summit School of Chess will guide you through your Denver chess journey.

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From Niemann To You: Building A Welcoming & Inclusive Chess World

Building a Welcoming Chess World: Beyond the Niemann Controversy

American grandmaster Hans Niemann at the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2023. (PHOTO: FIDE/Lennart Ootes)

A Call to Action for Inclusivity and Sportsmanship

The recent Hans Niemann controversy has shaken the chess world, sparking crucial conversations about sportsmanship, ethics, and the future of the game. While the details of the case continue to unfold, it’s important to remember that it represents a single instance within a much larger community. Instead of dwelling solely on the headlines, let’s leverage this as an opportunity to create a more inclusive and welcoming chess world for all.

Addressing the Barriers to Entry

Chess thrives on the diverse perspectives and contributions of its players. Unfortunately, barriers like cost, social anxieties, and unconscious biases can prevent individuals from feeling truly welcome. Recognizing this, we must actively dismantle these barriers, fostering a culture of inclusivity that embraces players of all backgrounds, skill levels, and experiences.

Taking Action at Summit School of Chess

Chess Tournaments at Summit School of Chess

At Summit School of Chess, we translate our commitment to inclusivity into concrete actions:

  • Making Chess Accessible: We offer scholarships and outreach programs to reach underserved communities, ensuring that everyone has the chance to experience the joy of the game. Example link: Our Scholarship Program: <invalid URL removed>
  • Promoting Respectful Online Interactions: We believe in fostering a positive online environment through educational resources and community initiatives. Example link: Chess Etiquette Guide: <invalid URL removed>
  • Celebrating Diverse Voices: We actively feature diverse voices and perspectives in our blog posts, social media, and events, showcasing the richness of the chess community. Example link: Recent blog post featuring a female chess player: <invalid URL removed>

Join Us in Building a Stronger Chess Community

Letter from Saint Louis Chess Club explaining the banning of Hans Niemann from future events.

Online Chess Classes at Summit School of Chess

Building a more welcoming and inclusive chess world requires a collective effort. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Share your thoughts: How can we make chess more accessible and inviting for everyone?
  • Advocate for positive change: Promote fair play and ethical conduct both online and offline.
  • Celebrate diversity: Recognize and appreciate the diverse tapestry of players that enriches our game.
  • Get involved: Support initiatives or programs promoting inclusivity in chess, like Summit School of Chess’ outreach programs.

Together, we can ensure that chess remains a vibrant and enriching game for generations to come, where everyone feels welcome, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Hans Niemann Article on Indian Times

Happy Chess Master in Colorado: Summit School’s Esplanade to Paramountcy

Title: “Mastering Chess in Colorado: Summit School’s Strategic Path to Grandmaster Success”

Embark on a journey of chess mastery with Summit School of Chess in Colorado! The chess world witnessed a tumultuous journey to secure coveted spots in the Candidates Tournament. Summit School of Chess stands firm as a beacon of strategic enlightenment. Join us as we explore the dynamic chess landscape and unveil the exciting opportunities. We await aspiring grandmasters in Denver and beyond!

School Programs –]

Alireza Firouzja during a tournament in 2022. He qualified for the Candidates Tournament over the American grandmaster Wesley So by two points.Credit...Miguel Pereira/Getty Images

Unlock Your Potential with Summit’s Chess Programs

Regardless of your abilities, Summit School of Chess provides structured programs for individuals at every skill level. Transitioning seamlessly from foundational concepts to advanced strategies, our programs cater to diverse players seeking to enhance their chess prowess.

Online Group Lessons –]

Virtual Mastery: Elevate Your Game with Summit’s Online Lessons

Whether you’re new or old, Summit School of Chess connects Colorado people and beyond in our online classrooms. Engage in interactive sessions, refine your skills, and foster strategic thinking under the guidance of seasoned instructors. Transitioning from traditional to digital, our online group lessons provide a flexible and effective way to enhance your game.

Summer Camp –]

Wesley So during the Grand Chess Tour in May. He just barely missed qualifying for the Candidates Tournament.Credit...Foto Olimpik/NurPhoto, via Getty Images

Checkmate the Summer with Summit’s Chess Camp

From the virtual to the real chessboard, dive into the world of chess, strategy, and fun at our Summer Camp. Unleash your tactical brilliance under the warm summer sun and forge lasting friendships with fellow chess enthusiasts. Transitioning from theory to practical application, our Summer Camp offers an immersive experience for players of all levels.

The chess community reflects on recent controversies. Summit School of Chess remains committed to nurturing the strategic minds of tomorrow. Our programs, conveniently located in Colorado, offer an unparalleled chess experience for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Join us on this exciting journey, where every move brings you closer to mastering the art of chess. Discover the Summit advantage today!

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Strategic Moves: Chess’s Unforeseen Surge in the NBA Limelight

Child Strategically Planning Chess Move at Summit School of Chess - Fostering a Love for Chess in Colorado with Engaging Programs and Tournaments

Unleash Your Inner Champion:

Greetings, chess prodigies and strategic minds! Ready to join a vibrant community? At Summit School of Chess, we shape young minds through innovative programs, igniting a passion for the game across Colorado. Magnus Carlsen agrees that chess in the NBA is a good thing!

Chess Meets Basketball: A Strategic Connection:

Shared Strategies on and Off the Court:

Remember the iconic GQ Sports article? NBA stars like Porzingis, Doncic, and Thompson find a unique connection between chess and basketball. At Summit School of Chess, we champion this connection, recognizing shared principles of strategic thinking and mental agility.

Beyond the Game: Cultivating Lifelong Skills

Sharpening Minds: The Cognitive Benefits of Chess:

Chess is an investment in your child’s future. As Jay Williams stated, lessons learned on the chessboard translate into life. From improved problem-solving to increased self-confidence, Summit School of Chess cultivates these valuable life skills.

Join the Colorado Chess Revolution:

Unveiling Diverse Programs:

Colorado experiences a chess renaissance, and Summit School of Chess offers diverse programs:

Whether searching for “Colorado chess” or “chess tournament near me,” Summit School of Chess is the premier destination for fostering a love for the game.

Embrace the Diversity and Inclusivity of Chess:

Celebrate the growing diversity within the chess community, inspired by the NBA chess club. At Summit School of Chess, chess is for everyone, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Ready to Make Your Move?

Join us on this exciting journey where chess and strategic thinking intersect. Visit to learn about our programs, schedule a free trial class, and unleash your inner chess champion!

Checkmate Challenges: Elevate Learning with Summit School of Chess in the Great Denver Area

In this heartwarming snapshot, a young child is immersed in the fascinating world of chess, seated at a chessboard with unwavering focus. The child, a budding chess enthusiast, gazes directly at the camera with an infectious and confident smile. Their eyes sparkle with the joy of the game, and their expression radiates a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Welcome to Summit School of Chess, your go-to destination for a transformative chess education in the Great Denver Area. Immerse your child in the world of strategic thinking and critical skills development through our engaging chess programs. If you’re a parent, school administrator, librarian, or part of an organization in the Denver Area looking to enrich young minds, you’ve come to the right place!

Unlocking Potential Through Chess Education:

Chess is more than moving pieces on a board; it’s about honing skills that extend far beyond the chessboard. At Summit School of Chess, our carefully designed curriculum caters to students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Join us in unlocking the potential within every young mind through our comprehensive chess education programs.

Why Choose Summit School of Chess?

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into a curriculum designed not just to teach the game’s rules but also to instill a love for strategic thinking, covering everything from basic moves to advanced tactics.
  2. Experienced Instructors: Our team of dedicated and experienced instructors, passionate about both chess and education, fosters a positive and encouraging learning environment.
  3. Flexible Programs: Whether you’re a parent seeking an after-school program, a school administrator integrating chess into the curriculum, or an organization hosting chess events, Summit School of Chess offers tailored programs to meet your needs.
  4. Proven Benefits: Numerous studies demonstrate chess’s positive impact on academic performance, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Partner with Summit School of Chess to invest in the holistic development of young minds.

How to Partner with Summit School of Chess:

Eager to collaborate with parents, schools, libraries, and organizations in the Denver Area? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Parents: Enroll your child in our chess programs and witness the transformative impact on their academic and personal development.
  • Schools: Integrate chess into your school’s curriculum or offer it as an extracurricular activity. Our instructors can work with you to create a customized program aligned with your educational goals.
  • Libraries: Host chess clubs or tournaments in your library to engage the community and provide a stimulating environment for learning.
  • Organizations: Collaborate with us to organize chess events, workshops, or tournaments that promote the intellectual and social benefits of chess.
In this enchanting scene, a young child sits captivated before a whimsical chessboard, a universe where the traditional pieces have been magically transformed into intricate shells and precious gemstones. The child's eyes are fixed upon the dazzling array of pieces before them, each uniquely adorned with the beauty of the sea and the sparkle of gemstones.


Embark on a journey with Summit School of Chess to unlock the potential within every young mind. Inspire a love for learning, critical thinking, and strategic decision-making. Visit our website at to explore our programs and take the first step toward academic excellence through checkmate.

Outbound Links: For additional resources on the benefits of chess education, check out’s article on learning how to play chess.

Internal Links: Explore our tailored chess programs designed for different skill levels.

Empowering Life Lessons: Insights from a Dedicated Chess Coach

Parents receiving an encouraging email from a passionate chess coach - helping develop the right attitudes both on and off the chess board

“I send these types of messages to assure my students’ parents that someone deeply commits to their child’s development both on and off the chessboard. While I can’t speak for everyone, I firmly believe this commitment is crucial for anyone aspiring to make a lasting and meaningful impact.

Student Privacy

To respect privacy, I’ve changed the names. Let’s refer to this student as Donnie.

Coaching Honors

First and foremost, I feel honored to coach Donnie, a person with an amazing heart. However, he encounters challenges that demand careful navigation:

  1. Stress Management: Donnie easily becomes stressed, leading to feelings of guilt and shame, and contemplation of giving up. Consequently, I urge him to cultivate a fighter’s spirit.
  2. Surface Scratching: Beyond stress, we face another hurdle. Donnie briefly examines moves and opponent responses, but not much deeper. In chess, the big rewards come from looking 2 or 3 moves ahead.

Challenges Unveiled

When these two challenges combine, here’s what occurs:

Initially, I present Donnie with a situation (easy, difficult, or in between), and he merely scratches the surface. Consequently, without delving deeper, he can’t perceive the answer. This results in stress and frustration fueled by guilt and shame. Subsequently, he states, “I don’t get it.” “I can’t see it.”

Turning Challenges into Triumphs

However, when I ask him to reconsider a move, go deeper, he rapidly finds the correct solution. Like many in life, Donnie is his own biggest obstacle. Hence, I encourage him to take baby steps toward calmness, deeper understanding, and persistence.

Daily Progress

To achieve this, he needs to work on this daily for progressive breakthroughs. My encouragement to both of you is to prioritize this daily. Set the bar LOW. Make small, achievable daily goals. When he achieves them, raise the bar A LITTLE BIT. Consequently, these baby steps will gradually transform into something significant. Before we know it, a transformed Donnie will emerge – a bold, confident, calm fighter who isn’t easily deterred, someone who keeps digging and seeks the truth in chess and life.


As always, thank you for allowing me to guide Donnie as his chess coach. – Jesse

Learn More About Summit School of Chess

For more information about our chess program and the positive impact we make on students like Donnie, visit Summit School of Chess at We are a leading chess program in Denver, Colorado, serving the Greater Denver Areas with an exceptional team of coaches, bringing the joy of chess to thousands of students each year, regardless of age or skill level. Whether in person, online, private, group, tournaments, or summer camps – we do it all!”