Carlsen Skips Candidates, Opening Doors for New Stars

Magnus Carlsen has once again made it clear he will not take part in the Candidates tournament. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

The chess world just witnessed a bombshell! Magnus Carlsen’s surprising withdrawal from the Candidates Tournament is sending shockwaves through the ranks. But in Denver, this news sparks a different kind of buzz – excitement!

Here’s why Denver chess enthusiasts are celebrating:

Local Tournaments Take Center Stage: With Carlsen out of the Candidates, the spotlight shifts to rising stars like Firouzja and Dommaraju. This opens doors for exciting opportunities in Denver! Local tournaments become prime testing grounds for their brilliance, and you can be part of the action! Hone your skills at Summit School of Chess, where Grandmaster secrets and championship strategies await.

Magnus Carlsen during his interview with Kaja Snare this week.

Denver: A Chess Community on the Rise: Forget Carlsen! Denver’s already bubbling with chess talent. From casual enthusiasts to aspiring champions, our city is a hotbed for passion and potential. With the Chess Olympiad looming on the horizon (hosted in nearby Wyoming!), Denver is drawing even more attention. Join the movement! Summit School of Chess welcomes players of all levels, offering a vibrant community and a path to chess mastery.

Carlsen’s Legacy: Embracing Diversity and Growth: While Carlsen won’t be battling in Toronto, his critique of the current format resonates with many. The call for shorter time controls and more inclusive formats opens exciting possibilities! Summit School of Chess embraces this diversity, offering rapid, blitz, and classical chess training for all levels.

Magnus Carlsen won his third "double," winning both the World Rapid & Blitz Championship, in Uzbekistan at the end of 2023. Here against Daniil Dubov in blitz. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

Ready to Make Your Move? Don’t wait for a knight’s advance! Summit School of Chess is your launching pad, offering expert coaching, friendly competition, and a thriving chess community. Come, unleash your inner champion and claim your spot on the Denver chessboard!

P.S. As a local Denver business, we at Summit School of Chess are dedicated to fostering a vibrant chess scene in our city. Follow us on social media and stay tuned for updates on upcoming tournaments, workshops, and special events!

Magnus Carlsen during the closing ceremony of the World Rapid Championship with Vladimir Fedoseev and Yu Yangyi. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

This revised version prioritizes Denver’s existing strengths and emphasizes the local opportunities for growth and excitement following Carlsen’s decision. It avoids unrealistic expectations and focuses on fostering a thriving local chess community.

I hope this revised take better reflects your vision and resonates with Denver’s chess enthusiasts!
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