Chess Enthusiasts Take Note: Summit School of Chess Analyzes Norway Chess Round 6!

"I hope he gets better, but for now it’s just sad to see," said Carlsen after defeating Ding. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

Attention all chess fans in the Denver area! Here at Summit School of Chess, National Master Jesse Cohen and his team of passionate instructors are glued to the Norway Chess 2024 tournament, and we want to share the excitement with you!

Carlsen Capitalizes on Ding’s Blunder: A Lesson in Focus

World number one Magnus Carlsen seized the lead after a shocking blunder by Ding Liren. Carlsen exploited a critical mistake in the middgame, leaving Ding with a mate-in-two he simply couldn’t escape. This decisive victory highlights the importance of focus and clear thinking throughout the entire game – a skill we emphasize strongly at Summit School of Chess.

Beyond the Main Stage: Exciting Battles Across the Boards

Beyond the Carlsen-Ding matchup, round six offered thrilling encounters. Fabiano Caruana exacted revenge on Hikaru Nakamura with a convincing armageddon win after a tense drawn classical game. Young stars Alireza Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu continued their impressive run with a sharp tactical battle, ultimately decided in Firouzja’s favor.

The Women’s Tournament Heats Up: A Race for the Title

The Women’s section is no less exciting! Ju Wenjun finally secured her first classical win against Vaishali Rameshbabu, while Anna Muzychuk maintained her lead with another armageddon victory. With just four rounds remaining, the top competitors are neck-and-neck, promising a dramatic finish.

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Don’t miss out! Follow the remaining rounds of Norway Chess 2024 and see who emerges victorious. Remember, the skills and strategies displayed by these top players can be learned by you too, right here at Summit School of Chess!

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