Chess in the Spotlight: Summit School of Chess on the Upcoming “Checkmate” Movie

Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder and A24 to Produce ‘Checkmate,’ Ben Mezrich’s Chess Scandal Story

Chess enthusiasts, rejoice! The recent news of a major Hollywood film centered around chess, “Checkmate,” has the chess world buzzing. Here at Summit School of Chess, we’re thrilled to see the game of kings continue to capture the public imagination.

The film, based on a book proposal by Ben Mezrich (author of “The Social Network”), will delve into the controversial 2022 match between Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann, a story riddled with accusations of cheating. While the details of the film remain under wraps, it’s sure to bring the drama and intrigue of competitive chess to a wider audience.

This renewed interest in chess presents a fantastic opportunity for young minds in the Denver area. At Summit School of Chess, we offer a variety of programs designed to nurture a love for the game and develop essential skills that go far beyond the chessboard.

Why Chess Benefits Your Child

Just like the characters in “Checkmate,” our students learn:

  • Sharpened Thinking Skills:
    • Strategic thinking and planning: Chess teaches students to anticipate their opponent’s moves and formulate winning strategies, a valuable skill in any field.
    • Problem-solving: Every chess game presents a unique puzzle to be solved. We guide students to develop critical thinking skills to overcome challenges on and off the board.
  • Enhanced Focus and Concentration:
    • Concentration and focus: Maintaining focus during a chess game translates to better concentration in school and other activities.
    • Decision-making:** Each move in chess requires a calculated decision. We help students weigh options and make decisive choices with confidence.

Join the Summit Chess Community!

Whether your child is a budding chess prodigy or simply curious to learn the game, Summit School of Chess has something to offer. We provide a supportive learning environment where students can develop their chess skills, make new friends, and gain valuable life lessons.

Located in the Denver area? Search no more for “chess classes near me” or “chess training near me.” Visit our website at to explore our programs and enroll your child today! Let Summit School of Chess help your child become the next chess star, inspired by the drama of “Checkmate.”

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