Chess Master Secrets- Annotate Your Games!!

National Master Jesse Cohen is BACK bringing us more grandmaster secrets to training and improving your chess skills. In this video, Jesse covers the importance of reviewing (annotating) your own chess games. Only in this way can we practice the critical art of plugging the holes in our own game. The key takeaway from this video is: 1) review your own games 2) hire a chess coach to review them a second time 3) compare your notes to that of your coach 4) this will reveal your own weaknesses and give you deep insight into how you should be training to breakthrough plateaued rating everyone eventually suffers from. Enjoy! Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & RING THE BELL so I’m motivated to make more content. Thanks! Check out the most amazing tournament series Colorado has to offer ► Register for online classes and private lessons ► Follow us on Twitch ►​​​​ Follow us on Twitter ►​​​​ Join Summit School of Chess Discord ►​​​​