Dr. Patzer Reviews My Game

I thought it would be fun for an amateur (non-master) chess player to analyze my games and give me feedback. Dr. Patzer (AKA Dr. Langstram) is a #ChessPunks founding member. Team leader of the Chesspunks team: http://lichess.org/team/chesspunks

Go follow Dr. Patzer on Twitter – https://twitter.com/DrLangstrand

In this episode please listen closely to the thoughts of the amateur compared to the master and then compare them with your own ideas. This is how we spot weaknesses/gaps in our own thinking patterns and then improve.

I swear I’m working on the audio issues. My apologies for how loud the piece movements are. The editing to go back and soften the volume on each click was outside my motivation range.

Love you guys.

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