How Chess is Going So Far This Year

My staff and I are currently teaching chess to 275+ kids each week through 14 school programs and 3 online group lessons.

I’m working (and looking to work) with several new schools and coaches as we expand across the Greater Denver Area and into Colorado Springs!

We just ran our first tournament of the season at Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Sept 17th, 2022. We had 70 participants with some coming as far as Wyoming or Colorado Springs! There were 3 masters and $576 in prize money for the OPEN section (for both adults and kids). We had the most AMAZING lunch from my new inlaws. She’s one of the most amazing cooks I’ve ever encountered and I’m so thankful our community gets to enjoy her skills.

If you’re interested to have a chess program at your child’s school – please hit me up OR if you’re an enthusiastic chess player wanting to bring the next generation of kids into chess – hit me up also!