Morgan Freeman answers chess questions from Quora

As an actor, I’ve had the privilege of embodying a wide range of characters, from quiet and introspective to bold and commanding. When it comes to chess, though, I believe the piece that most closely mirrors my identity is the king.

The king is the most important piece on the board, and like the king, I believe in taking a leadership role and being a guiding force for those around me. At the same time, the king must also be protected, and I strive to maintain a sense of balance and stability in my own life.

But it’s not just about being a symbol of power and authority. The king is also a symbol of wisdom and patience. Like the king, I believe in making strategic moves, thinking ahead, and not being rash or impulsive. I also understand that sometimes, the best move is not to move at all.

Furthermore, the king is often seen as the final authority in a game of chess, but it is also dependent on its other pieces to secure its position and protect it from danger. In the same way, I believe in the importance of community and working together with others to achieve a common goal.

In conclusion, the king is a complex piece, reflecting qualities such as leadership, wisdom, patience, and a sense of community. These are all traits that I aspire to embody in my own life, and I believe that they have helped me to navigate the ups and downs of my career and personal life with grace and poise. Just like a king on the chessboard, I believe in making calculated moves and always striving to be my best self.