Response to the “Grandmasters Two a Penny?” Article from Summit School of Chess

How many Grandmasters is too many?

As National Master Jesse Cohen, owner and head coach of Summit School of Chess, I find the recent discussion on the proliferation of grandmasters and the evolving significance of the title both fascinating and thought-provoking. This debate is especially relevant for us, as we strive to elevate the standard of Colorado chess through our dedicated programs and coaching.

The Growth of Chess and Grandmaster Titles in Colorado Chess

The growth in the number of grandmasters reflects the global expansion of chess, including Colorado chess. When there were only 27 grandmasters in 1950, chess was less accessible, and opportunities for formal competition were limited. Today, with the internet, online tournaments, and widespread chess education, more players have the chance to compete at higher levels. This democratization of chess is something we celebrate at Summit School of Chess, where we strive to make chess accessible and engaging for all, particularly young learners in the Greater Denver Area.

Quality of Colorado Chess Education

At Summit School of Chess, we focus on providing high-quality chess education to foster the next generation of chess enthusiasts and, potentially, future grandmasters. We recognize the concerns expressed by GM Nigel Short and others about the dilution of the grandmaster title. However, our mission is to elevate each student’s understanding and appreciation of the game. We aim to ensure they develop the skills and strategic thinking necessary to excel, regardless of the proliferation of titles. Our commitment to Colorado chess excellence is unwavering.

Elevating Colorado Chess Standards

Our programs, including before/after school programs, online group lessons, monthly tournaments, summer camps, and private lessons, are designed to cultivate a deep and enduring understanding of chess. We aim to instill a love for the game and the discipline it requires. By doing so, we contribute to maintaining high standards in chess education and helping our students aspire to achieve excellence in Colorado chess.

The Future of Colorado Chess

The debate on the meaning of the grandmaster title underscores the evolving nature of chess. While the number of grandmasters has increased, the title remains a significant milestone. The idea of distinguishing “super grandmasters” or creating new elite categories reflects the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of competitive chess. At Summit School of Chess, we are dedicated to nurturing the talents of young chess players in Colorado, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Whether our students aim to become grandmasters, super grandmasters, or simply better players, our focus remains on providing them with the best possible foundation in chess.

Join Us in Colorado Chess Excellence

If you are in the Greater Denver Area and are looking for top-notch chess instruction, Summit School of Chess is here for you. We invite you to explore our programs and see how we can help you or your child develop a deeper understanding and passion for chess.

Visit our website at to learn more about our offerings and how we can help you achieve your chess goals. Whether you are searching for “chess lessons near me” or “chess training for kids,” we are committed to providing exceptional Colorado chess education for all.

National Master Jesse Cohen
Owner and Head Coach
Summit School of Chess

Link to the original article on Chessbase.

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