Summit School Of Chess, Building On The Exciting Energy Of The ChessKid National Festival

The packed playing hall. Photo: Martin Collette/ChessKid.

The 1st-ever ChessKid National Festival sounds like THE DREAM for young chess players. Over-the-top fun, celebrity sightings, and serious competition – it brings online chess excitement to life!

Imagine the thrill of meeting your chess heroes, playing in epic tournaments, and even trying out wacky events like Chess Fencing! At Summit School of Chess, we make events like this a reality for Denver-area students.

Alexandra Botez grabs a photo with a fan.

Why Summit School of Chess Delivers the ChessKid Experience

While we may not have a Super Soaker Challenge (yet!), we share the same passion the ChessKid Festival inspires:

  • Chess is FUN: We ditch the boring lectures! Our lessons, camps, and tournaments make chess a thrilling adventure.
  • Building a Community: Chess isn’t just about the board; it’s about connecting with other passionate kids and inspiring coaches.
  • Star Power: We tap into the energy of online chess celebrities and bring in special guests to make our events memorable.
  • Denver’s Chess Destination: We’re the go-to for school programs, online lessons, tournaments, and camps across the Greater Denver Area and Colorado Springs.
Canty, along with several of the other stars, gave a simultaneous exhibition on day one. Photo: Martin Collette/ChessKid.

What Can Your Child Expect at Summit School of Chess?

Whether your child is a total beginner or ready to take on the next challenge, we have their back:

  • Intro to the Game: Our beginners’ classes make the rules of chess easy to grasp and get kids playing with confidence right away.
  • Competitive Edge: Our coaches understand the ins and outs of tournament chess, and we get students ready to shine.
  • Chess Friends for Life: We foster a supportive team spirit where kids cheer each other on and form lasting friendships.
No boys! Photo: Martin Collette/ChessKid.

From the Classroom to Tournament Hall – We’re Here to Guide You

Not sure where your child fits in? Reach out to National Master Jesse Cohen and let’s talk! We’ll help you find the perfect chess path to fuel their excitement.

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